how to use ds happy box usb

Ds Happy Box is a simple and practical NDS resource management tool. Start Ds Happy Box in your PC connecting to internet to download various NDS games, music, movies and relevant resources. Self-extracting and self-categorizing function let you enjoy your NDS world with ease. ... More

how to stop my kitten from biting

12/03/2013 · I say this because my cat has seriously hurt my husband biting him once when she was scared by something and was blind with fear. She punctured him. Playing hurts but she doesn't puncture. They can easily bite to really HURT you if they wanted to. It does sound very normal for his age and I'm sure he will calm down. I taught my cat that when I scream ouch very loudly, it's time to stop. I'm ... More

how to turn off voice control on iphone 4 yahoo

27/06/2012 · at the starting up, the iPhone 4 is on at&t's crappy community. That on my own should be adequate to inform you now to not get the iPhone. iPhone shoppers all around the country will be getting ripped off because of at&ts overpriced documents utilization. ... More

how to make mac always start in windows

Most Windows programs open in a normal window, which fills part of the screen. You can also have them open maximized, where they fit the screen but leave taskbars etc. visible. Sure, you can use one of the buttons in the upper right corner to make windows smaller and larger, but if … ... More

how to stop running python program

I run my program, then when I quite PyCharm and set it to not terminate my program. But next time I want to make changes to my program when I start up PyCharm, there is no way to stop the current program. ... More

how to train a dog not to pull on lead

Campus; Local; National; International; Crime Report; how to training dog not to pull on lead 🔥 It's hard to look the other way when grocery stores and training dog not to pull on lead pharmacies are invaded with goodies connected to the Valentine’s Day theme, and especially if you’re on the receiving end of some of these sweets. ... More

how to stop sharp edges on aluminum sheet

11/06/2015 · Sheet Metal Edge Finishing Tool Six pairs of cascade stacked rolls, allows to finish the sharp edge of sheet metal without breaking it. Tool capable to work on 2 x 0.6mm sheet metal … ... More

how to take eels of a hook

Sand Eels ; Live Prawns ; Squid Where to place the hook Click the image below to see where to cut and where to place the hook. Click to enlarge . The reason you use the patterned part of the mackerel to place your hook is because that is where the strip is the toughest. [ Back to Top] Setting up peeler crab. We are now reaching a bait which a lot of people won't use because of the time ... More

how to use gradient nd filter

Use the sliders to adjust such characteristics as the exposure, sharpness, or noise in the filtered area (AC, next page). Click to view larger image A After zeroing out the sliders for the Graduated Filter tool, we Shift-dragged downward in the photo (as shown by the arrow above), then chose slider settings to darken the exposure within the overlay area. ... More

how to write a good sqe

A good ratio is 10% promotion/90% participation. If you'd like a Twitch flair with a link to your stream, message the moderators. If you'd like a Twitch flair with a link to your stream, message the moderators. ... More

how to use crunch with aircrack

1.Dictionary attack :- A dictionary attack uses a targeted technique of successively trying all the words in an exhaustive list called a dictionary (from a pre-arranged list of values). ... More

how to wear a flannel shirt guys

Some will like flannel shorts only on skinny guys with beards. Some will only like then on fat guys that remind them of their dads. Some will only like them when worn open, over a t-shirt. Some will only like then on fat guys that remind them of their dads. ... More

how to work out proportion in histogram

skewed to the right, because the right side of the histogram extends much further out than the left side. Now look at the histogram in Figure 3.8 of the same variable, weekly wages, but for the year 2011. Figure 3.8. Histogram of weekly wages (2011). Now, the skew has become much more pronounced, and the tail has grown much longer. Suddenly our little discourse on histograms could become ... More

how to start gun runners arsenal challenges

I did this and The GRA challenges are necessarily hard just require a good memory to use the right weapons against the right enemies. The one stars are all pretty easy, but to get the achievements these three are probably easiest. ... More

how to think about exercise

"Don't think about what you have to do, think about what you will get if you do it. Namely, you'll feel better, you'll look better, your health will be better," he says. ... More

how to use hair bump

Choose a product formulated for 100 percent gray coverage that will complement your skin tone. A “permanent” hair color contains ammonia and other products that more effectively cover gray, so choose this instead of a package labeled “demi” or “semi” permanent. ... More

how to start a very small business

Leading a small business can be more stressful than raising children or maintaining a healthy relationship with your spouse. Here are some basic principles to get you started on a sane journey ... More

how to deal with parents who don t understand you

My parents don't understand where I'm quite coming from or the choices I make but I realized if they won't understand I'm sure someone else will. I know I can go to my aunt and uncle. Sometimes people don't understand us but If there are some don't then there will be some that do. ... More

how to start preparing for cat by self study

CAT 2018 exam is knocking the door!Just 3 months left for the exam, and students are panicking and getting stressed about its preparation.Well, it is never too late to start preparing if you know the... ... More

how to use emojis on facebook

18/03/2016 Use emoji reactions in new, innovative ways. Be a thought leader here ! I cant give you any specific advice other than to be creative, and try to leverage reactions in ... More

how to stop craving chocolate and sweets

Craving chocolate, sweets, chips and other unhealthy food? Girl, I totally feel you, I am such a sweet-tooth myself. I am no exception. Like most people I would crave bad … ... More

how to stop top sites appearing on new firefox tab

Microsoft Edge gives you three content options for the new tab page; a news feed, top sites, or a blank page. The top sites are already set when you open Edge. If you click the cog wheel button at the top right of these site, it doesn’t take you to an editing option. Instead, it asks you to choose what the new tab page will look like. It seems you can’t edit or customize top sites in ... More

how to turn off laptop screen

Ok, so I've searched through a lot of threads and I could not find an answer to the solution. My laptop screen keeps blinking, turning off and on, all of the functions of the laptop keep running ... More

how to use equity to buy second property

A second property investment also brings financial benefits as the value of your property increases and the size of your second mortgage reduces or stays the same. The most common way to buy an investment property without a deposit is to use your existing home equity to purchase a new property. ... More

how to turn images in to text

When you scan a printed document with a scanner to a PDF, or convert images of various formats into a PDF, what you get is image-only PDF with locked snapshot-like images instead of underlying text layer. Scanned PDF is not searchable and the text within cant be selected, edited or marked. ... More

how to train your dragon ds review

Once youre happy with your dragons look, its time to start fighting other dragons. The premise of the game is to compete in dragon tournaments, find things for people, and craft better ... More

how to use ite email

Tip 967: How to View Email in a Browser Outlook doesn't display animated gif's (only the first frame displays), form fields or any active content in email, all thanks to numerous viruses that spread like wildfire through Outlook, so the powers that be locked Outlook down: no active content will display in email. ... More

how to start a business without capital pdf

Entrepreneurs need to be realistic and deadly serious about the obstacles of starting a business without access to funding. Here in San Francisco, there are thousands of founders running around with both good and bad ideas. They are all trying to get traction, funding and talent. It's a bloodbath. And most of them, no matter how good their idea is, will not make it. That’s not because they ... More

how to tell what is causing skyrim to run slower

Fix slow computer problems. It is important to run your computer at peak performance. Over time, regular use of your computer builds up unneeded files and fragments your hard disk. ... More

how to turn a text into scifi

When Hollywood needs inspiration, where better to look than sci-fi's best books? Whether you're Netflix investing in content like the GDP of a third-world country, or a major studio looking to ... More

how to get a kitten to stop biting

Wow, I didnt know there was special products to stop my cat biting wires! Its not happening now, but when he was a kitten I was so worried he would electrocute himself! Its not happening now, but when he was a kitten I was so worried he would electrocute himself! ... More

how to wear blue denim short in style men

Style of Shoes to Wear with Your Style of Jeans I've compiled a list of casual and formal/dress shoes that goes/match well with various styles of jeans. If you’re going for a dressier look or heading towards an upscale place, you might want to wear shoes that are at the bottom of the list as they are more formal. ... More

how to use a srt or sub file

In this tutorial here, I will describe how to permanently attach a SRT subtitle file into a matroska .mkv file in detail. The software I use is Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate. More than a video converter, this software features on many funtions as below and adding SRT subtitles to any video file is just one of its cool features. So you can use it as a great SRT to MKV converter to help ... More

how to use whatsapp on pc online

Whatsapp Web Download For PC: Whatsapp web is the latest web-based technology launched by Whatsappweb download developers to use this amazing application on your PC/ Laptop for free. It is a way to use your Whatsapp messenger on laptop/PC which enables you to read the messages that you receive on your mobile device simultaneously. ... More

how to turn a tuple into integers

Example. A std::tuple can be used to pass multiple values around. For example, it could be used to store a sequence of parameters into some form of a queue. ... More

how to set default browser iphone

Being world’s most popular smartphone platform, iOS offers a variety of services to its users. You can do pretty much everything on an iOS device. ... More

how to stop dog pregnancy

You can get an abortion - this is the only way really. To get an abortion, you need to book an appointment with your doctor who can sort things out for you. ... More

plumbers tape how to use

Plumber’s Tape is a term used to describe two different items used in plumbing, which have entirely different applications. Plumbers Tape can either be a Teflon Tape used to aid in sealing threaded joints or, a strapping material with holes in it, used for securing and hanging pipes in place. ... More

how to tell if a chandelier is worth money

How to Tell if You Have a Lamp That's Worth Money. by Lee Grayson . Collectible vintage lamps provide function and a source of cash when sold. Lamps offered at auctions might be trash or may be treasure. The lamp you use daily might also be a valuable item. Determining the worth of any lighting fixture means taking a good look at some obvious clues and doing a bit of research to estimate the ... More

how to make a bad relationship work

Empathy is the foundation of healthy work relationships. David suggests you make room for emotions like curiosity about and compassion for your coworker by asking yourself a series of questions ... More

how to change default search engine to google in safari

5/10/2011 So I rush into my settings (Chrome://settings) and change the default search engine to, and DELETE all of the others there. But Either way, unlike some guys up there, the settings don't change the default to Yahoo search for me... or the homepage setting. It just does it. The google homepage loads and then all of a sudden changes to Yahoo search. I spent an annoyingly ... More

how to stop my microsoft mixer pro

Mixer Go becomes Mixplay for Mixer Mixplay is a rich client for Mixer Interactive Streaming service owned by Microsoft featuring Fluent UI design. With Mixplay for Mixer you can interact with your favorite channels and users, watch streams, manage your account, edit own channel and many more. Mixplay is the only true client for Windows 10 that enables you to enjoy all great features provided ... More

how to stop your dog from licking your face

W ho doesn’t let their dog give them a slobbery “kiss”? Most of the time it doesn’t matter – until it does. Your dog may be part of your family, but the bacteria in its mouth are ... More

how to stop mac from sleeping when closing lid

6/07/2007 I want to know how to disable sleep when I close the lid of an Intel MacBook Pro. I don't want the computer to stop working unless I specifically click on SLEEP in the apple menu. ... More

how to use icloud storage on iphone 4s

Tap Find My iPhone then tap the Find My iPhone switch to turn on or off . If desired, tap the Send Last Location switch to turn on or off then tap iCloud (located in the upper-left). Automatically sends location of device to Apple when battery is critically low. ... More

how to change time on pebble watch

28/06/2018 My Pebble info cards Toggle settings, set as active watchface, contact developer, and more by tapping any item within My Pebble. Quick watchface management In Watchfaces, the watchface with the green checkmark is the one currently active on your watch. Quickly change the active watchface by tapping the empty circle of another watchface in the menu. ... More

candacort how to use in vagina area

The vagina is a closed muscular canal that extends from the vulva — the outside of the female genital area — to the neck of the uterus (cervix). Various factors can affect the health of your vagina, including: ... More

how to contact yahoo support via email

Scroll down to "Contact Form" and click on the link. A new page will open. A new page will open. Fill out the form with your Yahoo! email address, password and why you are writing. ... More

how to use bronzer on fair skin

The base colour is a warm (yellow-orange) brown, it's not well pigmented compared to other bronzers ( ie The Balm-Betty Lou Manizer- although I use it more as a highlight bronzer) I own as it barely shows up on my fair skin, slightly tanned skin (face) in the summer months. I do like to wear Laguna in the early spring late winter months and it serves well for this purpose. I think this is a ... More

how to sell aflac insurance

Once you have an insurance license in your state, you can seek and appointment to sell insurance for any company you want. )And BTW, my Aflac regional office helped me get a significant discount for the study program to ensure I passed the test on the first try.) In essence, you are starting your own business. In the USA, the average time it takes a new business to become profitable is between ... More

how to tell you have a cyst

Untill this sack or pouch is removed you will always have a chance of getting a cyst. I am surprised your docotr cannot tell if it is a cyst or not, an ultrasound may be a better option in your case. n2prayer ... More

how to use pocket wifi without battery

To reset to the default settings, turn on the Pocket WiFi 2, remove the back cover without dislodging the battery, use a pin and press and hold the ‘Reset’... Page 12 <224mm> PANTONE Green C: For positional purposes only – Do NOT Print Frequently asked questions. ... More

how to stop feeling nausea while pregnant

27/11/2018 Morning sickness is the nausea and vomiting many women experience during the first trimester of pregnancy. Morning sickness tends to begin around the ... More

how to stop a runny nose and sore throat

2/12/2014 It can be caused by colds during the cold and rainy season and is often accompanied by a sore throat and fever. Heres how to stop runny nose fast. - ... More

how to watch tv on ipad australia

Connect to WWE Network and watch WWE TLC on Apple TV through the WWE app. Sunday, December 16th 7pm EST. Buy Now. Learn More. Connect to WWE Network and watch WWE TLC on iOS devices, such as Apple iPad and iPhone, through the WWE app. Sunday, December 16th 7pm EST. Buy Now. Learn More. Connect to WWE Network and watch WWE TLC on LG Smart TVs through the WWE … ... More

how to increase cores foe vmware use

By default, virtual machine programs will generally use dynamically allocated disks that grow as you use them. For example, if you create a new virtual machine with a dynamically allocated disk with a maximum size of 30 GB, it won’t take up 30 GB of space on your hard disk immediately. ... More

how to do start up cost

Look for prototyping tools on the Internet and create a detailed, screen-by-screen mock-up/wireframe of your app. Once you’re clear about your requirements, look for a company that can design ... More

how to use bootstrap pager

Twitter Bootstrap Pagination for ASP.NET GridView This post explains how to use BootPag jQuery plugin and implement server side paging in ASP.Net GridView. ... More

how to set time on omega seamaster

Omega SA is a Swiss luxury watchmaker based in Biel/Bienne, Switzerland. Formally operating as the La Generale Watch Co, founded in 1848, later incorporating the name Omega in 1903. Britain's Formally operating as the La Generale Watch Co, founded in 1848, later incorporating the name Omega in 1903. ... More

makita dcs6401 how to start

Professional level chainsaw Makita DCS6401-50. Extremely reliable tool for professional lumberman. Lightweight, compact, decent power, high quality. Article contains detailed specification, technical description, functions this saw possesses, and purposes this tool is designed for. ... More

how to write an advertisement

Dustin's experience and expertise can help you monetize your message, build a marketing strategy and connect with influencers. ... More

how to turn off caller id on iphone 4s

Apple iPhone 4S (iOS7) Share guide: Link copied! View Device specs You can turn off your own caller identification, your number will then not be shown at the receiving end when you make a call. You can also make one call with hidden caller identification. Your number is only hidden when you make voice calls not when you send messages. Step 1 of 5. Find "Show My Caller ID" Tap Settings ... More

kontakt 5 how to use

You can set up a maximum of 64 sounds to access from 1 Kontakt window. It is very simple to do. Simply double click the sound you want to use.。 Sounds can be added in … ... More

java nio how to get data from clientc use buffer

I've got pure and simple Java Nio Socket Server. Data transfer realized with JSON. With 1 clien all work fine, but when i am trying to start workload test - some problem appeared. ... More

how to set up another gmail account on android

4/09/2018 · In this Article: Adding a Web Mail (Gmail, Hotmail, Outlook, Yahoo) Account Adding a POP3 or IMAP Account Community Q&A References. This wikiHow teaches you how to add another email account (such as Outlook, Yahoo, or another Gmail account) to an Android phone or tablet using the Gmail app. ... More

how to sell analytics solutions

How do you sell web analytics? This is a question I deal with quite often, both internally within the agency I work for and when trying to convey the value of web analytics to clients. The short answer is that you shouldn’t be trying to sell web analytics . ... More

how to set up fishing line for catfish

We set our trotline on Saturday night and went back up to check it after church on Sunday. The author and Eli Combe, showing off their catch after a fishing trip. Dad showed us how to slightly tug on it first. ... More

how to use blackstrap molasses for weight loss

At present, many are indicating the use of blackstrap molasses for hair rejuvenation. The claim is that this health food can be used to do the following: renew hair growth, ... More

how to start cod online in 2018

16/08/2018 · Start a website for your network marketing business. You can do this through your network marketing company. Most of them will give you a good website … ... More

italy vs swedan how to watch aus

Sweden held Italy to a 0-0 draw in the second leg of the European qualifiers on Monday at the San Siro. Sweden won the first leg at home 1-0, which proved to be enough to secure a ticket to the ... More

how to get walk above the clouds skyshard

Skyshards - located on ground level ore above. Skyshards (underground) - located in dungeons or caves Wayshrines - you can teleport to previously visited Wayshrines. ... More

how to watch colours serials online

Download and Install Voot TV App for watching Television Shows Online online streaming application from viacom18. Voot TV App is viacom 18 tv on demand application like star networks hotstar app. voot app is available for android mobile smartphones and other devices. once you download and install voot app in your mobile device you can enjoy ... More

how to turn guitar tabs into piano notes

Chords for Convert audio to Tabs. Play along with guitar, ukulele, or piano with interactive chords and diagrams. Includes transpose, capo hints, changing speed and much more. Play along with guitar, ukulele, or piano with interactive chords and diagrams. ... More

how to turn followers into customers

Every creative biz owner I’ve ever talked to has this same main goal on Instagram: Get More Followers. But why do you want more followers? What will having thousands of followers do for your business? ... More

how to check the motherboard type in win 10

Type System Information in Windows Start-menu Search Options as Shown Below. Now Click on System Information and You will be Shown all the Details of Your Hardware i.e Motherboard … ... More

how to become a watch engineer

"Become An Android Developer From Scratch" will give you a new, richer perspective on how mobile devices work. After youve completed this rigorous, challenging, and super fun course, you will be able to create your own apps, deploy to the Google Play store, and ... More

how to use rhubarb in recipes

There’s a number of ways to make rhubarb gin but my recipe is one of the easiest. One important tip is to choose a good quality gin. I suggest you don’t use one with strong botanicals to ensure the taste of the rhubarb is maximised. ... More

for sale by owner how to sell your house

Search our real estate and property listings for sale in TAS. You can find all type of properties for private sales in TAS including houses, apartments, land, units, accreage and more. If you are looking to sell your house privately or buy a property in TAS, can provide you with buyer matching in TAS , property data valuation and prices for TAS. ... More

how to make discord think your playing a renamed game

So, if you make a great game and people are playing it, people will discover it on Discord. Two, the actual store front itself is gonna be heavily curated by us. So, were actually going in and ... More

how to teach students online

Students on Oh My Japan tend to be seriously motivated and are more likely to follow through than students on other sites. Teach wherever you like Meet in person ... More

how to take a screenshot on windows 7 internet explorer

Shotty is an excellent tool to create screenshots in Windows, especially for users who regularly take screenshots but do not want Aero effects included in the shots. The download is provided at the developer's website, the program is compatible with Windows 2000 or newer, and requires the Microsoft .net Framework 2.0, which is included in Windows Vista and Windows 7. ... More

how to sell in australia ebay

eBay is easily Australians favourite shopping platform. With the aim of creating a better form of online shopping through connecting users from across the globe all in one, this eCommerce giant has successfully redefined the experience of shopping online. ... More

how to tell if a harmonic balancer is bad

8/08/2009 · Dontugetit you are wrong harmonic balancers can go bad. I had one on a truck that came apart. As for the question at hand the harmonic balancer balances the crank if it is damaged it could ruin you front and rear main seals. ... More

how to use pinterest to promote your business

Use Pinterest to Promote Your Business As you can see, there are several ways you can highlight your products on Pinterest . Have a look to see how other businesses are using their Pinterest accounts and figure out which your audience might like best. ... More

learn how to write a book free

Learn how to create an ebook and brainstorm ideas that help you meet your goals. Then, download your set of free ebook templates so you can produce a document your audience will ... More

how to stop other device imessages showing up on imac

iMessages, like many other services in the Apple universe, stay linked to your Apple ID. Any device you’ve logged into using your Apple ID will receive iMessages addressed to you. To manage where you’re signed in and where your messages are potentially popping up, head to your ... More

how to use gumball in archicad

Pick the ArchiCAD version you want to install Maxwell for Browse for the ArchiCAD install directory. The installer copies the plugin components and MaxwellController.apx into the Add-Ons/Visualization folder of the ArchiCAD installation. ... More

how to use black walnut hull extract

How to Use Black Walnut to Cure Candida Author: Bello Gbenga. One of the effective natural anti-fungals that you can use to treat Candida is black walnut; in fact some scientific studies have revealed that black walnut has strong anti-Candida properties than most commercial conventional medical anti … ... More

how to use verizon points to pay bill

Yes if you can pay your Fios bill on Bill Matrix then you should be able to pay Verizon Wireless on Bill Matrix. Usually companies are using a payment gateway and I don`t see any reason why verizon wireless will not accept this payment gateway where in the subscription for their FIOS is accepting it. ... More

how to use earphone mic on laptop

guys i have g9 793 model that has 2 audio ports one for audio and second for microphone...i have a earphone that has built in mic. but when i connect it with laptop my earphone mic is not working...any solution for this????? thanks ... More

how to tell if miata has limited slip

By 1994, the Miatas engine had grown from 1.6 to 1.8 liters, and Mazda was ready to really tinker with its roadsters winning formula. The result was the R Limited, which was the first ... More

how to train your dragon full movie megashare9

“How to Train Your Dragon 2” The thrilling second chapter of the epic How To Train Your Dragon trilogy brings back the fantastical world of Hiccup and Toothless five years later. ... More

how to see whats on my icloud drive

... More

how to get certified to teach barre

The SoHo studio owner talked us through what teacher training involves, what she looks for in a potential teacher (poise, intelligence, confidence and musicality) and the expectations of a certified teacher. She ended with an open invitation for anyone who wanted to audition to get in touch with her. ... More

how to sell framed photographs

30/07/2013 Rather than selling from a market stall, that you obviously have to be in attendance at, why not offer to hang some framed prints in local cafes, pubs, restaurants, craft shops etc on a sale or ... More

how to sell digital downloads xbox one

Xbox is pushing digital purchasing back into the bricks and mortar world with the announcement that Australians can now buy digital redemption codes for games and content through JB Hi-Fi stores. ... More

how to wear a crop top in winter

Another polar vortex might be bringing frigid temps to much of the country, but don't give up on your favorite summer trend just yet. Troian Bellisario and Lucy Hale prove that with a little ... More

how to turn off background apps on iphone

29/01/2014 · How do I turn off background apps on iPhone 4 running OS7.0.4? I double click and find the apps on the bottom, but when I click them it just opens up the program. ... More

how to wear hair while growing it out

Start growing it out now. It must be nice to be Jason Momoa. You get to tower over everyone, wear oddball hats and Boho-chic linen, and be in Game of Thrones. And you have this luscious hair! Long ... More

how to use nodejs at eclipse

Is it possible to use AWS tools for eclipse with node.js? It seems to me like those tools are for java only. There is nodeclipse which gives eclipse node.js functionality, but I don't think I … ... More

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how to use itunes in windows 7

Permit Windows to move the application across to the iTunes folder, and for the sake of ensuring a backup is available, drag across the “Revert to Original” file as well, giving the same confirmation.

how to set up not for profit organisation in australia

April 17, 2015. Congratulations on considering setting up a not-for-profit organisation or a charity. This article, which is part 1 of a 5 part series to assist charities, will help you choose the right structure.

how to stop bitcoin spam emails

Bitcoin investment schemes are somewhat similar to cloud mining scams in the sense that they promise returns and pay out small daily returns until one day all payments stop and the scammer runs off with users invested funds. Like cloud mining scams, bitcoin investment scams are set up as Ponzi schemes.

how to write a libretto

Most publishing houses and agents specify that a synopsis should accompany any manuscript submission. What exactly a synopsis consists of is much less clear.

how to use methi for hair

My hair before using my homemade fenugreek Oil Why I created a Homemade Fenugreek Hair Oil I have gone through a long period of hair loss over the last few years and I was losing large clumps of hair in a very short space of time.

how to take care of a eating disorder patient

Inpatient care is part of an integrated inpatient and partial hospitalization program for patients with anorexia, bulimia and other eating disorders. Skip Navigation Open the Johns Hopkins Medicine menu with the enter key and close it with the escape key; use the tab keys to navigate links.

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Nunavut: Amadjuak NU, Padley (Padlei) NU, NU Canada, X0A 7H1

England: Willenhall ENG, Grimsby ENG, Bournemouth ENG, Hemel Hempstead ENG, Exeter ENG, ENG United Kingdom W1U 1A1

Northern Ireland: Craigavon(incl. Lurgan, Portadown) NIR, Bangor NIR, Craigavon(incl. Lurgan, Portadown) NIR, Newtownabbey NIR, Derry(Londonderry) NIR, NIR United Kingdom BT2 1H2

Scotland: Aberdeen SCO, Aberdeen SCO, Hamilton SCO, East Kilbride SCO, Glasgow SCO, SCO United Kingdom EH10 5B5

Wales: Neath WAL, Cardiff WAL, Swansea WAL, Barry WAL, Newport WAL, WAL United Kingdom CF24 2D2