Nova Scotia

how to rank my website in google search

Fire up the tool and create a project for your site, then jump to Domain Comparison and add the domains of your major competitors, one by one. In a second, you’ll see how every aspect of your ... More

how to tell someone is depressed

Depression is more than just a low mood. Symptoms of depression include chronic sad feelings lasting up to two weeks, lack of interest in activities normally enjoyed, sleep disruption, overeating or appetite loss, feelings of guilt or worthlessness and a preoccupation with death/suicide. ... More

how to use navionics mobile app

As if that weren’t enough, you can create a split-screen view of the fish finder and chart plotter together on a smartphone or tablet, just as you might on an MFD, with the Navionics Boating app ($99.99 per year, navionics… ... More

ebay information how to use credit card

Updating Your Information Online. Updating your credit card information online is a straightforward process, and PayPal provides step-by-step instructions for how to do the task at the PayPal website. ... More

how to watch american horror story season 1

A horror drama film of a celebrity producer Ryan Murphy - a former creator of Glee returns for its sixth season. Both physical and psychological horrors affect staff and clients at a frightened hotel, focusing on the themes of infidelity, sanity, obsession, haunting and addiction. ... More

how to write a card to someone whose friend died

Nearly all of us would stop to talk to a friend whose child has just died, and wed find words which comfort our friend. Some people, though, say exactly the wrong thing. This happened to my friend ... More

how to get more things done at work

Hi Alex, Im so glad you liked this post! Busy work is such a killer, I still struggle with it (especially wanting to have perfect notes). And Ive found the same thing prioritising sleep and exercise and friends makes me so much more productive, and then all thats left to do is make sure Im spending my energy on things that are ... More

how to work out the gradient from an equation

We can then multiply out and rearrange to get the equation in the form \(y=mx+c\) if we wish to do so. How can we find the equation from two points on the line? We know how to find the gradient of the line between two points. ... More

fitbit blaze how to turn off

How to turn off a Fitbit. Learn whether your tracker or smartwatch can switch off and on. Living with Fitbit Sleep Score . Sleep Score puts Fitbit's relative SpO2 sensor to use. How to change ... More

how to set up crazyremote

There are many places that use routers such as at home or at workplace. In cases when routers are used and in order to connect from the outside, port forwarding must be set up in the router. ... More

how to start a conversation with someone new

5. Engage in Activity. If you're at a club or banquet where there is dancing, approach someone with a smile and ask him or her to dance. This is a classic way to meet someone new because having fun with someone makes both of you comfortable, which makes conversation easier. ... More

how to tell if text message was delivered

Unless you are using some kind of third party app I never heard of, there is no way to see if an SMS message was delivered in the native Messages app. This feature only works for iMessages, and ... More

how to use smileys on instagram

Icons don`t come standard on instagram so do the following: 1. Search iTunes for Emoticons, Emoji is popular and free. 2. Download the emoticons 3. ... More

how to write a my hero letter

To My Hero (MOM), This is of course your strange over analyzing out there daughter wishing you, the greatest hero of my life and best friend, a happy and joy full Valentines Day. ... More

how to use bump map in blender

This quick 3D modeling software tutorial explains how to bake a normal map in modo 301. Learn how to bake a normal map mesh to mesh using high-res meshes targeted to a low res mesh in modo 301. ... More

how to send emails to multiple addresses on ipad

How to Send Email on iPad. Advertisements. If you are new to using email on the iPad, then here is a guide to help you to send emails to  anyone with the iPad. Just do the instructions mentioned below to send an email on the iPad. It is also given how to forward or delete and email, reply to an email message and also to send a photo via email on your iPad. 1. Take the mail app and open your ... More

how to turn on vsync skyrim

4/12/2014 · All adaptive v-sync does is turn off vync if fps drops below your monitor's refresh rate. So on a 60hz monitor you are basically capped to 60fps just like with vsync on. So yes it does limit your fps to 60 like you could with a fps limiter but the behavior is different. ... More

how to write an analysis science

13/09/2017 · Data science as a field makes this harder because the asks on someone in a data science role vary a ton throughout the industry. “Data scientist” can mean your primary output is papers, not ... More

how to tell if a house is haunted

Whether there is a normal explanation for this sensation or a paranormal one is hard to know for sure, but it’s definitely a contributing factor for nearly any house that is afflicted by spirits. ... More

how to set up pcsx2 1.4

PCSX2 1.2.1 Configuration Fast Gameplay and How To Setup and Run A Fast Free Ps2 Emulator On PC This is a tutorial for PCSX2 settings and for playing PCSX2 1.4.0 Best Setting Increase Speed Upto 400% Faster Then Before 2018 ... More

how to write a standard letter of recommendation

Most letters of recommendation follow a standard business letter format. Although youll have to fill in all the blanks, having a template to follow makes the process a bit easier. Heres what a reference letter ... More

how to use hp connected music

HP Connected Remote is a program developed by Hewlett-Packard. The most used version is 1.0.1218, with over 98% of all installations currently using this version. ... More

how to set up a gshock

24/11/2009 · Can anyone help me manually set my new G-Shock? Discussion in 'Watches' started by Fusilier, Nov 23, there is precious little chance it will pick up enough signal to self set. So I manually set the watch. My problem is now I can't seem to get the small digital display to agree with the analog hands. When I set the watch time on the little digital dial, the watch will then set the analog ... More

how to sing like brendon small

PG's Jordan Wagner is On Location in Des Moines, IA, at the Val Air Ballroom where he visits backstage with Dethklok's (Metalocalypse) Brendon Small about his current live rig setup. ... More

how to produce a reality tv show

How much does it cost to produce a reality TV show versus a scripted show? There is some talk that Lipstick Jungle would move to Bravo, but isn't that an expensive show to produce? ... More

how to stop crontab from emailing

How do I stop a crontab from emailing me? How can I have the results of a crontab be emailed to a User? How do I list files by size? How do remove blank lines from a file? How do I Add, Edit or Delete a crontab? How can I get the number of files (inodes) in all the directories in the current directory? How can I check the processes of two or more users? I have a command aliased with switches ... More

how to use certain files in opoenfiledialog c

18/10/2005 · Cool thanks for that, it brings up an openFileDialog box properly now, but with some wierd happenings :/ So having the openFileDialog box on the form, you don't have to create a new openFileDialog manually?? you can just use it once a certain button is pressed? ... More

how to write minutes sample

In general, “minutes of a meeting” is a document that contains a point-form summary of the key discussion points that occurred during a meeting and any conclusions stated, or decisions made. ... More

how to tell if perfume is old

Many of us love displaying perfume bottles on our vanities or shelves because they are seen as luxurious items but if you want to prolong the quality of the scent, think about placing them in a drawer or a cupboard.Perfume bottles do look gorgeous on your vanity or bathroom shelf but it might be better to place them somewhere else if you want ... More

how to tell if an acid os strong or weak

6/10/2011 How to tell if an acid is a strong or weak acid? For example, HCN is a weak acid, is there a way of knowing that just by looking at it? Best Answer: Yes, there certainly is a way of knowing if an acid is weak or strong, just by looking at its chemical formula. Strong acids ionize, right? So strong acids must be atoms of the halogen group, bonding with hydrogen. Ex: HCl, HBr, HI ... More

how to write a retail resume cover letter for

A good retail resume shows off your skills as a customer service representative as well as your ability to cover for cashiers when needed. If you want your retail resume to catch the attention of hiring managers, then it needs to show your full background and experience. ... More

how to take photos to sell on ebay

Taking pictures for eBay listings can be deceptively expensive when you consider the cost of camera equipment and the time needed to set up a photo shoot. ... More

how to tell if a razor blade is dull

26/11/2018 · You probably won’t be able to tell by looking at the blade whether or not it’s dull. Never test the the blade on your hand, you can cut yourself or damage the razor if it isn’t already dull. 2 ... More

how to set up gmail account on iphone 5s

22/10/2012 Once I did that I set up gmail and it works on my iphone 5 now. FYI... the google authenticator app wont display codes on my iphone. you use this generated password to put in the password field when setting up your gmail account on the iphone instead of your normal password associated with your gmail account. This is a "work around" for applications that do not support the 2 ... More

how to use aeroplane mode with wifi

Aeroplane mode or Flight mode is a feature on many smartphones, tablets and laptops. When activated, it suspends radio-frequency signals by the device, disabling Bluetooth, telephone, and Wifi. When activated, it suspends radio-frequency signals by the device, disabling Bluetooth, telephone, and Wifi. ... More

how to make youtube videos work

RELATED: How Does the YouTube Algorithm Work? Titles, tags, and thumbnails are also essential, as they are the packaging and advertising for your video. Good marketing will, in turn, lead to more engagement, so try to create titles and thumbnails that attract people to click on your video. ... More

how to turn off ecommerce squarespace

Squarespace offers online stores, websites, and domains to help you get your business off-the-ground! And when you use coupon code DESIGNMILK at checkout you’ll get 10% off your first purchase. ... More

how to use netflix streaming video

The quality of the video you watch has a direct effect on your data usage -- the higher the quality, the more data you'll use. Normally Netflix will use as much data as your Internet connection allows to provide the highest-quality video possible for you. ... More

chess for kids how to play and win

Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Chess for Kids: How to Play and Win at Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. ... More

how to use my prison architect name in game

Prison architect sold 2 million copies because it was a good game that deserved to sell two million copies. Scanner Sombre is a far worse game. It's not surprising that it sold poorly. I know bad ... More

meditation bowl how to use

A standing bell or resting bell is an inverted bell, supported from below with the rim uppermost. Such bells are normally bowl-shaped, and exist in a wide range of sizes, from a ... More

how to see your playtime in fortnite ps4

Fortnite Battle Royale is so fast-paced that you arent going to be using your resources to build impressive watchtowers or impenetrable forts. ... More

how to use a grout gun

Watch this video tutorial for a demonstration on how to remove tile grout. You need to repair a broken tile. Before you can take out the old tile, you have to remove the tile grout first. ... More

how to take film out of slr camera

Film and a camera that shoots film. I'll get to the cameras later, but let's talk about emulsions (and no that's not something a magician does). Your choice of film has decreased over the last few years, but there are still more out there than you'll ever need. Film can be categorized in many different ways. ... More

how to use the uscs

Running a Job on HPC using Slurm. Slurm (Simple Linux Utility for Resource Management) is an open-source job scheduler that allocates compute resources on clusters for queued researcher defined jobs. ... More

how to tell whats using my gpu

My CPU and GPU temps are almost always the same, due to an H55 on the GPU and a fresh air fed stock cooler. I like to see the CPU (i5-4670k) around 55C when gaming, which is very reasonable for an overclock, and the GPU hovers in the 40s (660ti Boost). ... More

how to solve traffic jam problem

• To solve the Traffic Jam, the group must combine their physical skills with group problem solving and cooperation skills. • The post activity de-briefing is an important part of the learning process. ... More

how to use birch machine needle threader

A sewing machine needle is a specialized needle for use in a sewing machine. A sewing machine needle consists of: shank - clamped by the sewing machine's needle holder ... More

how to set audio options in ffmpeg

Options may be set by specifying -option value in the FFmpeg tools, or by setting the value explicitly in the AVCodecContext options or using the libavutil/opt.h API for programmatic use. The list of supported options … ... More

how to work e cigarettes

E-cigarettes (‘electronic cigarettes’) are battery-operated devices designed to look and feel similar to cigarettes or cigars. If you use an e-cigarette, you exhale vapour that looks like smoke. Using an e-cigarette is called ‘vaping’. ... More

how to write for christianity today

19/12/2011 · Christianity today – unlike a century ago – is truly a global faith. (See world maps weighted by Christian population in 1910 and 2010.) These are some of the key findings of Global Christianity: A Report on the Size and Distribution of the World’s Christian Population, a new study by the Pew Research Center’s Forum on Religion & Public Life. The study is based primarily on a country ... More

how to see photostream online

13/11/2008 · A picture may tell a thousand words, but all too often it's not that flattering a story. As many of us have learned to our cost, having the whole world see what we've been up to, courtesy of tags ... More

how to use elasticsearch with python and django

How to Get Django and ElasticSearch to Play Together Published on Mon, 28 Aug 2017 By Harlin Seritt Ok, I like the idea of NoSQL -- even if there are very few use-cases that really demand it. ... More

how to use canon speedlite 430ex ii flash unit

A statement similar to the one at the end of the appendix on page 37 of the 430EX II Instruction Manual appears in all of the manuals for Canon flash units that list which Canon E-TTL features work with the older Type B TTL camera bodies and which are only available with the newer Type A E-TTL and E-TTL II ... More

how to wear members only jacket

Members Only had become a leading brand in outerwear, with Goldsmith adding women’s sizes, more colors, and winter versions with quilted lining. An estimated 15 million men sported the jackets. ... More

how to use coconut milk kefir

Coconut milk kefir restores a good balance of good bacteria in the gut to strengthen your immune system, heal digestive system and prevents .. Basic Nutrition Nutritional Guides ... More

playtex bottles how to use

7/02/2018 · How to Clean Playtex Sippy Cups. There are multiple options when it comes to choosing a sippy cup for your child, but one of most ubiquitous brands in Playtex. Playtex cups are leak-proof, spill-proof, and break-proof, but just like other... ... More

how to tell if greyhound is feeling at home

Unfortunately, you usually can't tell whether a puppy has inherited temperament or health problems until he grows up. Finally, you can avoid some negative traits by training your Italian Greyhound to respect you and by following the 11-step care program in my book, 11 Things You Must Do Right To Keep Your Dog Healthy and Happy . ... More

how to speak so that peoplewant to listen

Here’s Julian Treasure to help you fix that. As the sound expert demonstrates some useful vocal exercises and shares tips on how to speak with empathy, he offers his vision for a sonorous world ... More

how to start the pandaria quest chain

[WARNING] The following review contains several storyline spoilers. World of Warcraft recently launched its fourth expansion pack, Mists of Pandaria. Set just after the events of the Cataclysm and Deathwing, the latest expansion pack increased the level-cap to 90, introduces a new race – the ... More

how to write an introduction for a case study essay

The How to write a case study analysis paper , iiep/unesco, paris rose, p., , is an encouraging point in their schools, how experienced are teachers trained in business administration major in history bachelor of education compulsory, the first academy school in the guardian newspaper revealed that only literature that refers to inclusive ... More

how to use bioderma crealine

Bioderma Crealine is a miracle product, don't let the fact that it just looks like water fool you! My oily sensitive skin is loving this, and the fact that I'm 100% makeup free with ease. Must have. My oily sensitive skin is loving this, and the fact that I'm 100% makeup free with ease. ... More

how to use a nursing pillow during pregnancy

A pregnancy pillow, or nursing pillow, is a pillow mom can use for some reasons. The original pregnancy pillow you would recognize under the name of Boppy. The original pregnancy pillow you would recognize under the name of Boppy. ... More

how to use overprint preview

11/10/2010 · I haven’t completely wrapped my head around the idea of a “Book Color” quiet yet, but it’s been around since CS2. A Book Color is a spot swatch that contains both CMYK and LAB color values and can use the appropriate color information for better color consistency. ... More

how to use jergens natural glow daily moisturizer

Jergens Natural Glow Daily Facial Moisturizer SPF 20 Medium to Tan Product Details Quick view Helps prevent sunburn Great color without odor Fabulous, natural-looking color Gradually creates flawless, natural-looking color when used once daily Helps prevent sunburn Finally! ... More

how to stop laughing for no reason

3/09/2014 No, not really. "Shut up" works for pretty much anything involving verbal expression. Or you could use "Stop that!" That's more general still, but it works for laughing ... More

how to see results of checkdisk repair windows 10

Home > Resources > Windows 10 > How to Check Storage Usage in Windows 10 You can check what's taking up space in the hard drives on Windows 10 computer, following the procedures illustrated below. Video guide on how to check storage usage in Windows 10: ... More

how to get ps4 controller to work on steam

13/10/2016 · Watch video · "Believe it or not, when you use the PS4 Controller through the Steam API, it’s exactly the same as a Steam Controller," he said. "You make the exact same API calls, you only get … ... More

how to stop mic picking up keyboard

Look for USB Keyboard and administer a right click on it and pick up Properties. In the next arrived window, administer a click on USB Input Device followed by a click on Properties button. In the following opened USB Device Properties window, click Change settings button. ... More

how to use chickpea miso

It doesn't matter that we've never seen that machine that turns chickpeas into a weird tube. It doesn't matter that miso takes a staggering six months to ferment. We still love this video because it transports us to a world of perfect kitchens and impeccable craftsmanship. ... More

how to wear black leggings in spring

Style Tips on How to Wear Leggings – Outfits. View Photos. Spring ; by Amelia Kinney . 15579 Views 3. For the modern woman, the comfort and versatility of leggings cannot be underestimated. One of the few items in our wardrobe able to transition from office to gym to cocktails, today’s leggings are available in a plethora of styles and colours. This article will show you how to style ... More

how to use sacred geometry in design

If you need help with emotions or frustrations that come up as you draw Metatron’s Cube, or simply want to know more about Sacred Geometry, I offer Introductory Courses in Sacred Geometry – both from the simple perspective of drawing and interracting with the Shapes, the Spiritual Meaning of the Sacred Shape Geometry in my Kindle eBook, right, and also from the perspective of using Sacred ... More

how to use cougar mechanical gaming keyborad

Since launching its first mechanical gaming keyboard, Cougar has continued releasing PC gaming devices ranging from the ultra affordable to the relatively expensive. On the upper end of things ... More

how to tell a sex of a cat

He has short hair, so it may be more obvious than in a long-haired cat. In a female you can see the vertical vaginal opening just under the anal opening like an upside-down exclamation point. In a male, the small opening for the penis under the anus is round, in the middle of where the testicle sacs would be. ... More

how to tell when a page was last updated

19/01/2016 I bought office 365 2013 last year and was billed and paid end of last year for Office 365 2016. However, I am not sure that I actually received 365 2016 as everything is still the same, e.g. still have Word 2013, Excel 2013, Outlook 2013. Can you please help me to get 365 2016. ... More

how to solve for eigenvectors

Eigenvectors are special vectors associated with a matrix. In this lesson we explore the properties of eigenvectors and how to use them to solve a system of linear differential equations. ... More

how to tell if office 2016 is activated

21/10/2010 · The good news is that Microsoft builds some "wiggle room" into Product Activation to accommodate situations like yours, so just go ahead and install Office H&S 2007 onto your current computer and it will most likely activate without a problem. ... More

how to put volunteer work experience in your resume

The work experience section is the primary focus of a chronological resume. This portion details your previous employment and volunteer positions from the recent past. ... More

how to get an ear infection to stop hurting

Helpful answers from trusted Doctors on causes, diagnosis, symptoms, treatment, and more: On the topic of adult ear infections, Dr. Block touches on causes, symptoms, treatments, and how long they last without antibiotics. ... More

how to stop feeling nauseous after rides

3 reasons you might feel sick after eating sugar The material on this website is provided for entertainment, informational and educational purposes only and should never act as a substitute to the advice of an applicable professional. ... More

how to talk to your son

After talking to your child. After you’ve explained and normalized the mental health challenges, assure your child that it is treatable. Along with encouraging your teenager to get treatment, actively seek out resources and mental health professionals for your child. ... More

how to write legislative members names

AP style legislative titles follow specific forms that are useful to remember. First Reference Similar to referencing a formal title in AP style , when referring to a member of the U.S. House and Senate for the first time in a piece of content, its best to use Rep. (or U.S. Rep. ) and Sen., respectively before the individuals name. ... More

avent manual breast pump how to use

Steps. Method 1. Washing Your Breast Pump. 1. Read the instruction manual. Each breast pump comes with an instruction manual that explains the basics for cleaning that particular model. Read your instruction manual to see what the manufacturer suggests for cleaning. Additionally, the instruction manual will explain how to remove parts for cleaning. 2. Rinse each part after use. Rinse any part ... More

python how to turn string into int

In this tutorial you’ll see two ways to convert string to integer in python. As we know we don’t have to declare the datatype while declaring variables in Python. As python will assign a datatype according to our data stored in the variable. But when we’re working with GUI (graphical user ... More

gta 5 how to sell fish

How To Make Money On Gta 5 After Beating It. Dey hurt you lost many fusiform or war roving habits depressing how to make money pickpocketing skyrim in russia seemed contrived to purchasing any variety as provide communications by six circuit courts. ... More

how to teach sex education to children

Sex education for a primary school child mostly occurs in the way we talk about body parts and body functions, how we teach children to care for, respect and protect their bodies, and when we prepare our children for puberty. Choosing the right age to answer questions such as Where do I come from? and What is sex? is more about how comfortable your family feels talking about such ... More

how to tell if my wife still loves me

18/02/2012 How to really know if my wife loves me. Just trying to figure out if she really does love me or not. Been married 9 yrs and I constantly have to ask her for attention or a kiss. She never says she loves me, doesn't do the things that my friends wife's do. The only time she wants me for anything is when she needs someone to fix things around the house or watch the kids so she can do things. I ... More

how to turn off apple tv on iphone

Why does Apple nag about software updates? Put simply, it's because Apple wants as many users as possible to be on the latest version of iOS (its operating system for iPhone and iPad). ... More

how to understand weaving loom patterns on a backstrap

This loom is a small loom that can be used on a table or on your lap or in a car. The working width is @ 6 1/2". An optional Tool Kit as pictured includes a shuttle, 2 weaving rods, a threader and a 5... ... More

how to deal w taking time off work

31/03/2010 · And because companies often offer a narrow list of legitimate excuses for time off, with "cheating husband" or "fight with my boyfriend" usually not included, employees may feel compelled to lie. ... More

how to use dyson vacuum hose

27/07/2018 You can order a genuine replacement from, or if you want to go cheap you can search for "Dyson DC28 replacement hose" and you should find sellers of third party parts. To replace, there should be a tab button to remove. ... More

how to tell a child about their biological father

Children do best when raised by their biological, married mother and father. It’s more than just an opinion: Decades of social research demonstrate this outcome. ... More

how to show off muscles in a shirt

Alright, so getting a suit or shirt made to measure is an expensive business. But buying a suit off the peg and getting it taken in is actually surprisingly affordable nowadays. For the best, most flattering fit, go for a size up and task the tailor with refining the shape and cut accordingly. ... More

how to potty train a puppy indoors and outdoors

Puppy pads for your dog to use indoors may seem like a good idea, but they can result in a dog who is trained to urinate inside instead of out. Taking your puppy for frequent walks should ... More

how to tell if your on a three way call

The best way to handle the budget question is to give a healthy price range. Lets say your budget is $1,600,000. The best response is to ask them to talk to you about all the properties that ... More

how to wear a headband with a big forehead

The headband with delicate crystal beaded, sweet style enough Shiny to show in your hair, make you charming and attractive; Durable and comfortable to wear, good quality ensures the longevity. ... More

how to use a smartboard poster

11/01/2018 · Interactive Whiteboards Interactive whiteboards are used in many schools as replacements for traditional whiteboards or flip charts or video/media systems. An interactive whiteboard is a large interactive display that connects to a computer and projector. ... More

how to start bf by squirting petrol in the manifold

Ready to take you to great places. Like the head of the class. The BF40 and BF50 are an outstanding combination of Honda’s legendary four-stroke engineering and our latest outboard innovations. ... More

how to win a rental application

The Free Rental Application Template for Word is a document filled out by a prospective tenant, which often includes an authorization for the landlord to provide a credit check. This Free Rental Application Template for Word also includes rental or home ownership background of the applicant. ... More

how to gamble and win money

Are you ready to start making some money from casino gambling? I know it sounds impossible, but there are a number of informed gamblers who regularly make $500, $1,000 even $5,000 a ... More

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how to cancel stay connected plus

Now you can Get OnePlus Launcher with Recent Apps Interface on any Android Pie Device. Launchers have become smarter over the years and you can have as much customization as you want, with themes, icon packs, widget, switching apps and more.

how to use the input tag

At this time, there are no browsers that really support the input type telephone tag. However, they display a text box. You can still use this input type to collect phone numbers and just use a script to validate the phone number.

how to turn voicemail off on iphone 5

26/06/2015 · 5. Re: How do I turn off Visual Voicemail? STDog Jun 18, 2015 5:49 AM (in response to Verizon Wireless Customer Support) That link has nothing on turning off VVM. And older post here links to the FAQ in response to a question about turning it off and there's nothing in …

how to watch 8mm film

An American diplomat and his fiancee venture into the sordid underworld of sex and pornography in Budapest, Hungary to find out who is blackmailing them with a

how to watch 35th americas cup in australia

Team New Zealand's decisive victory in the 35th Americas Cup in Bermuda in 2017 laid to rest the bitter memory of its dramatic 89 loss to Oracle Team USA in 2013. Then, the Kiwis blew a seemingly unassailable 8-1 lead.

how to show tangent never parallel to x axis

Finding the value of x at which the tangent to the curve is parallel to the x axis 0 Is my thought process in finding the tangent parallel to x & y axis correct?

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Northern Ireland: Bangor NIR, Bangor NIR, Bangor NIR, Newtownabbey NIR, Craigavon(incl. Lurgan, Portadown) NIR, NIR United Kingdom BT2 6H6

Scotland: Glasgow SCO, Paisley SCO, Dunfermline SCO, Aberdeen SCO, Cumbernauld SCO, SCO United Kingdom EH10 3B4

Wales: Newport WAL, Cardiff WAL, Barry WAL, Newport WAL, Cardiff WAL, WAL United Kingdom CF24 9D7